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Lost in the Swamp

Lost in the swamp is drawn from one of the chapters I removed from my main work in progress. Génãrō

It follows Taren when takes his waterhog, (a waterbike) out for its debut ride after restoring it and while lost in the swamp, finds the Nest. A tree house that has lain dormant in the heart of the great swamp for a thousand years.

I loved writing this story and hope you do too.

I've had the image of the Nest in my mind since the 80's but it wasn't until 2016 that I began drawing it.

I was hoping that an artist would be able to realise my rough design and then Elana, who did an amazing job creating the cover, saw the drawing of the inside of the nest and brought it to life.

I was so fortunate to have such an amazing artist for my work. Someone that could catch my vision with such a little amount of input. 
I am so looking forward to seeing the artwork she does with the main book and bring the characters that have been with me for so long to life.





It's been a thousand years since the fall.
A thousand years since a three-day war left the world cut off from the stars.
A thousand years since the war created the ‘Null Field’ that drained all high-tech devices like a leach.
A thousand years to forget the prophecy that a great evil will return from the shadows.
A prophecy that is all but forgotten.
…but not by all.
Taren Fairwater’s life hangs in the balance after the compass on his restored Waterhog is damaged while traversing the oldest part of the great swamp.
A storm bearing down on him, night fast approaching and no land in sight, Taren must find shelter from the treacherous creatures that lurk beneath the mirror-black waters if he is to survive the night.
His[ Lost in the Swamp is one of the short stories based in the Gén-ar-õ world, the up-and-coming novels by A.J.N. Gallagher.
] journey of survival will lead him to discover a secret that has lain dormant since before the Fall, and the letter left to whomsoever finds it.

Such a good read.

Very easy to read, lovely story thats easy to get drawn into. Such an engaging story. Looking forward to the authors next piece.

5 star review. Andy George

This is a fantastic book! A must-read for young adults. I highly recommend!

5 star review. Amazon Books.

This story draws you in right from the first sentence. The story unfolds at a fast pace that kept me turning pages.

4 star review. Dawn

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