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Archery, Beginnings.

Thank you for those who have joined my website in the last month.

I wanted to perambulate something that has been on my mind this last month. I hope it finds you where you are, and inspires you to something more.

For we all have something to give, something to learn, something to say, something to share.

I heard a speaker once talk about the moments that define us, or more importantly, not to let the moments we regret define us. It changed my perspective on life, particularly my own. He made a mistake. Not a big one, but to him it seemed insurmountable. Until his father said to him. Your mistake doesn't define you. Don't live your life like it does. Once he put his mistake into perspective, it seemed like a small bump than a mountain. We are not defined by the moments others judge us by, It is not their life, it's yours.

There will be moments that we are not proud of, and there will be moments that both are a journey, and looked at in the right way, will grow you into a greater person. They become the stepping stones that lift you to be a better person. But only you can take the steps you need. So how do I do that? I hear you say. I know for me personally, I had to forgive myself; which didn't come easily, I thought it was my duty to berate myself and that what others expected of me. Then I realized that the ones I thought I was doing it for didn't actually care, and it was me that was carrying the shame. Once I faced the truth that the condemnation I was feeling was self inflicted and when I let it go, I moved on. I also learned the difference between condemnation and conviction. One is a spiral that leads you into a pit with no bottom. A pit that only stops drawing you down when you say no. The other leads you on a path that heals you, gives you strength, and builds a foundation that not only helps you, but allows you to help others along the way. I also learned that to not take yourself too seriously. Laughing at your failures has a way of wiping. away the failure and opens the door for forgiveness. So before you judge yourself, and define yourself on a moment of regret, failure or disappointment, remember that tomorrow is another day, and as long as you have breath in your lungs there is always time to start again.

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