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A.J.N. Gallagher was born in New Zealand, where he currently resides.

Inspired by Star Wars in the seventies and living near an estuary, the first ideas for his current work in progress, Génãrō, began to form early in his impressionable young mind and have grown ever since.

In 1990, he won a short story competition on a hunting trip with a group of others in the backblocks of Queenstown. The story was subsequently published in the N.Z. Wildlife magazine.

Allan has worked in a sushi bar, fruit orchards, and a fish and chips takeaway. He spent six months in the conservation corps. He has also sold car parts and accessories, driven tractors and trucks for silage and baleage, been a car groomer, learned joinery and wood turning.

In his spare time, he loves playing the piano. He achieved grade eight through the Trinity College of London, has a diploma in sound engineering, and was awarded a special commendation in his second year. He has recorded demo albums for others, as well as a few of his own unpublished compositions.

Archery became one of his long-time hobbies after researching archery for one of his characters. He doesn’t shoot as much as he used to but achieved his twelve hundred pin in a FITA competition during that time.
His current daytime job is production manager for an electronics company specialising in telemetry-based, fail-safe devices for effluent monitoring.

Lost in the Swamp is a novelette from the world of Génãrō, set five years before the main books which are still in development.

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