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Coffee Break

Carrie the cafe owner was at the knife edge of café cuisine. She would come to work early as there was

a shortage of parking near her shop. She would park near the university’s philosophy building, then

walk down the bustling streets texting her husband. Her heartfelt messages filled with longings and emojis newly weds would often relay to one other. She loved him for his kind and understanding heart, his smile and his strong arms which would wrap around her each night.

Her heart leapt, remembering the first night they met, but then how could she forget. The car had

broken down, and it had begun to rain; her summer dress soaked, makeup running and her hair in a mess. It was supposed the night she meet her online friend. They had talked for months, and tonight

was the night; the night she had been so looking forward to it, but there was no spare tyre and her

phone was flat.

She began to cry.
Then through her tear-filled eyes, lights came into view; an unshaven stranger that came to her aid.

He gave her a ride to his sisters who was ever so kind and after a shower and a new set of clothes they dropped her off to her date. The stranger’s sister promised they would pick her up at the end of the

night. Her big lug of a brother would have her car ready for her by morning and she was welcome to

stay the night.

Her date was charming, but her thoughts kept turning to the stranger she’d met and why would

anyone undertake such a thing. It played on her mind, her date’s words lost in the thoughts that she

could not shake. There was something about the stranger, something familiar, as if she had always known, but had never met.

The night drew to a close; she said goodnight. The stranger returned to collect her, and with little convincing, stayed at his sisters for the night. The three of them laughed and talked on the porch all night, and by the morning she knew; she knew without a doubt, she would marry him one day when

the time was right. 

Carrie reached the door of her café and unlocked the door. She paused, a smile grew from her heart,

her face beamed with the love she bore. She knew that by the end of the day, and the turn of the key,

she would be in his arms once more.

She turned the sign in the window to open and turned on the lights, her thoughts tinged with the

glow of new love. She smiled to herself, then made the first sandwich for the day. The door chime

rang, and she woke from her bliss, greeting the customer with a smile on her lips. 

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