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The Great Swamp

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The great swamp divides the north lands from the south.
Even at its narrowest point it is a five day journey via the main trade route.

To this day the great swamp remains relatively untouched since the slow moving paddle boats and pole junkets of those that make their living along its shores make it near impossible to venture into the deep waters to the west. A place where tales of creatures able to swallow boats whole lurk beneath the swamps mirror black waters. A place where those few that venture into its eerie depths are never heard of again.

Only Taren can venture into the swamps deep interior with the help of his Waterhog, One of the last remaining waterbikes, The one he restored when living with Arlorn his adoptive father. (read Lost in the Swamp)

Only his waterhog can outrun the creatures that live there, where the waters run deep, where the creatures grow uninhibited in the deepest of the deep.

Those that live along the swamps vast sure, make their living  from fishing for Trill, a shrimp like creature with black meat that is a staple diet of those on the northern and southern lands.


The swamp holds many secrets that have waited to be revealed even before the fall. I would love to tell you them all but I wouldn't want to ruin your journey of discovery as you read the book when it is published.   I know I am excited and I know you will be too.

Come and join me on Taren's journey of discovery and the beauty of the world of Génãrō. I world I know you will fall in love with as much as I do.

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