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This is the first story on the amazing world of Génãrō
The book 'Lost In The Swamp' originally started as a back story in the main novel but I decided it needed its own book, and now this short story sets the scene for the future events that will propel Taren, and those he meets along the way into a destiny that will change the course of the planet Genaro and resound into the rest of the universe.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it



On the world of Génãrō, deep in the heart of its vast swamp, Taren Fairwater finds himself lost and alone on his Waterhog. (A single engine Waterbike) With night fast approaching and a storm bearing down on him and his compass broken, he must find shelter off the mirror black waters and the creatures that live beneath it or he won’t survive the night. His journey of survival will lead him to discover a secret that has lain dormant deep in the heart of the swamp for a thousand years, and a letter addressed to whomsoever finds it with an interesting request.

Such a good read.

Very easy to read, lovely story thats easy to get drawn into. Such an engaging story. Looking forward to the authors next piece.

5 star review. Andy George

This is a fantastic book! A must-read for young adults. I highly recommend!

5 star review. Amazon Books.

This story draws you in right from the first sentence. The story unfolds at a fast pace that kept me turning pages.

4 star review. Dawn

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Work In Progress


!!!!-Spoiler Alert-!!!!!

A lot has happened since Taren’s first adventure, Lost in the Swamp.

Shortly after Taren’s return, Arlon, his adoptive father is killed protecting Taren from a Zagaroth. Taren who was gravely injured found the will to make the gruelling three day trip back to Lorn with the body of Arlorn in their crippled boat. Once Taren recovered he packed what little processions he had onto his Waterhog’s saddlebags and rode off into the heart of the great swamp, fleeing the guilt from those who blamed him for Arlorn’s death. 

Five years on, Taren’s guilt has not abated, and on top of this Taren longs to know where he came from and who his family were. The only clue to his past is the necklace found with him when he was left on the orphanage steps in Gwell and the only place that may know of his necklace's meaning would be in the library of the Highland Temple.  A place where no one outside the Temple's ranks may enter. Not that it matters, nothing, not even Taren's curiosity could pry him away from his solitary life.

All this changes when one stormy night an injured woman washes up on Taren’s doorstep bearing the mark of the Highland Temple, her only words in her injured state.
“Is the princess alive?”


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