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The Trade Route 

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Re-established after the Fall of Génãrō, the trade route became a vital link between the north and south, ferrying goods across the great swamp after airship technology became obsolete once the Null Field engulfed the planet.
Situated at the narrowest point of the great swamp, which still is a three day trip, the trade route follows the original route laid down by those that once ruled the planet, and uses using the last remaining paddle steamer left behind by the same race. Its billowing black smokestack marks its route with acrid smoke as it perpetually ferries goods between the two shore, Its archaic technology unaffected by the energy draining effects of the Null Field. But age is catching up with the relic from the world that was before and the clunking and whining of its tired engine can be heard further and further from shore as each year passes.

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